Our volume package is for fine hair, your loving you length but you just want little more oomph! The volume pack can also be suitable for someone with hair that is resistant to holding a curl for long or someone who wants to add pops of color as well! 


Starting at $275



Our medium package is 2 packs of hair, the most common package, for medium to long hair. This package allows for a few extra inches in length and adds enough volume through the ends.


Starting at $500



Our Full package is 3 packs of hair, is meant for medium to shorter hair and looking to add a lot of length. It's also for thick hair that requires more hair to look consistent from root to ends*. The full package also is great for adding more dimension with color, see left for an ombre created solely with extensions. 


Starting at $545

*Depending on thickness a 4th pack is sometimes needed.